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The Industrial Supply Scam


North America is the only place in the world where there are middlemen between the producers of MROP products and the manufacturers who use them. These industrial supply “specialists” have costly and redundant infrastructures that offer antiquated services at higher prices. Chainbreak finds a few of the high volume brands you use and leverages that power to purchase directly. The distributors 30% margin is now in your pocket. 

Shorten Your Supply Chain


 We have 30 years’ experience as an industrial distributor, so we know how to break free from the middlemen and their antiquated structure. Chainbreak assists you in sourcing your key MRO brands directly, and at your distributor's cost. For the rest of the items in your tool crib, Chainbreak is your modern solution using the Amazon platform to handle low volume brands and spot buys.

Start Saving Now!


A Chainbreak conversion is cost free. We only need to understand your current structure by performing a site survey. The information gathered will be analyzed and presented in a proposal showing:

  • Direct Buy Brands
  • Inventory control structure 
  • Electronic Integration
  • Pricing Confirmation  


how it works

Typically there are a few manufacturers that make up the majority of your MROP spend.  The middleman is taking a large margin, and plans on taking your money forever.  Here we see an example of how one of our customers slashed their budget by 25%

What about the rest?

low volume brands

Low volume SKUs and sporadic use items are hundreds of brands. It is not cost-efficient to source directly, so we link you to the Amazon network. Chainbreak supplies the repetitive items from our stock using the amazon warehouse. Spot buys are sourced through amazon's extensive product offering. Now you instantly see all price and delivery options, then make a purchase with the click of a mouse. 

What if I don't spend millions a year?

smaller budgets

There may be fewer target brands with enough volume, but you can still take advantage of Chainbreak's modern business model.  A few key manufacturers can provide savings, and you will consolidate the rest of your MROP supply chain through Chainbreak and Amazon.  See the example of a smaller Chainbreak success.

Use today's technology to lower purchasing costs

modernize acquisitions

We use todays technology to link vending and ERP systems to your key manufacturer partners, and amazon business.  The entire acquisition process from requirement to payment is now electronically controlled, and with only 2 or 3 suppliers. You no longer need a costly purchasing and inventory control infrastructure. It is easy to see why industrial suppliers have gone the way of the rotary phone!

We can link to your ERP system using Punch-out


Punch-out means buying supplies from a catalog of items placed inside your purchasing system, linked to the logistics system that will fulfill delivery.

  • Automatically orders product 
  • Reduces keystrokes & administrative costs
  • Pricing remains constant 
  • Can be linked to any ERP Software system  

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